The net profit of Caterpillar in 9 months has grown by 1,8 times

Net profit of one of the world’s largest producers of the construction and mountain equipment, engines and industrial turbines, American Caterpillar Inc., for the first nine months 2017 I have grown up by 1,8 times — to 2,05 billion dollars, follows from the reporting of the company.

Razvodnenny earning per share has made 3,44 dollars against 1,88 dollars the previous year. Revenue for the reporting period has grown by 12,4% and has made 32,566 billion dollars.

Following the results of the third quarter of Caterpillar has increased net profit by 3,7 times in annual terms — to 1,06 billion dollars. Razvodnenny earning per share has made 1,77 dollars against 0,48 dollars the previous year. The revenue of the company has grown for these three months by 24,5%, to 11,41 billion dollars. Analysts expected value of an indicator at the level of 10,7 billion dollars.

The company predicts net profit on an action following the results of 2017 at the level of 4,6 dollars though earlier the indicator was predicted on a mark of 3,5 dollars. “Successful work of our company has allowed us to raise the forecast for profit for 2017” — words of the head of Caterpillar Jim Umpleby are cited in release.

Caterpillar Inc. makes the digging and transport equipment, the construction equipment, diesel engines, power stations using natural and associated gas and other equipment.