New JCB Pilingmaster: from the excavator loader to the drilling rig

In 2017 the list of the innovative models of the equipment of the British producer presented at the Russian market was replenished with one more technological novelty. JCB Pilingmaster is developed on the basis of the chassis of the JCB 4CX Eco excavator loader on which instead of the excavator equipment the drilling rig for vertical drilling with the special directing handle is mounted. Also Pilingmaster is equipped with the frontal loading equipment. Besides, if necessary the drilling rig can be replaced with the standard excavator equipment, that is to alternate them in the course of work.

JCB Pilingmaster has operational weight of 12 tons that allows him to occupy a free niche between classes of compact and big drilling rigs on the caterpillar chassis. Unlike them, thanks to the all-wheel drive chassis maneuverable Pilingmaster is capable to move independently between building sites, gathering speed to 40 km/h. And the small weight and dimensions of the car provide fast preparation for her expansion, including at the expense of the minimum requirements to preparation of a basic surface on the working platform.

Torque on the JCB Pilingmaster rotator reaches 1,25 tons, diameters of screws vary in the range from 350 to 600 mm. Despite the small weight and dimensions, the car is highly effective: its productivity with a 450-millimeter drill can be up to 150 m of soil for change.

Distinctive feature of the Pilingmaster drilling rig is use in her design of own development of JCB – a strong telescopic kelli-bar which control the operator exercises directly from a cabin. It allows to reach drilling depth to 14 m without stopping of process. At operation of analogs such stop is necessary for addition of additional sections, at the same time the operator is forced to go out of the car. The hydraulic Brevini winch with an automatic brake prevents twisting of a cable while the limiter of the course of a hydraulic cylinder of a handle prevents risk of damage of the last.

The engine of own production JCB Dieselmax of the ecological class Tier 3 which develops the power of 74,2 kW (100 hp) and the torque of 440 Nanometers is installed on the car. At the expense of whole material of a cowl of the engine convenient access to the unit and also to all filters and points of gas station is provided. An interval of replacement of filters standard – 500 m/h.

The standard excavator carriage with hydraulic side shift allows the operator to drill to three wells from one situation. And the frontal loading equipment put in action by the joystick can remove excess material and clean the working platform after drilling that reduces labor and time expenditure when working.