John Deere

John Deere and Traktorodetal invest in future professionals

John Deere and the Traktorodetal company have opened a new educational class in the Vologda molochnokhozyaystvenny academy of N.V Vereshchagin. Already today the mobile exercise machine simulator of a harvester and forwarder thanks to which future operators will be able to master elements of control of hi-tech cars long before departure on allotments is transferred to a class for testing. Next year the Traktorodetal company plans to increase the number of exercise machines of the logging equipment in educational institution. An opportunity to practice prior to work on a real object will allow to minimize quantity of mistakes and considerably will increase overall performance of the beginning operators. Besides, the Traktorodetal company and VGMHA have signed the cooperation agreement on training of qualified specialists for forest branch within which the staff of the Traktorodetal company will take active part in industrial practice process as teachers, masters and experts, also the company will provide to students and places for passing of a work practice.

In honor of opening of a new educational class Matt Vills, the director of construction and logging division of John Deere in Russia and the CIS, and Nikolay Malkov, the rector of “The Vologda state molochnokhozyaystvenny academy of N.V. Vereshchagin”, a saw “friendship” have sawn a log.

“John Deere and Traktorodetal together with the Vologda state molochnokhozyaystvenny academy set for themselves a number of important tasks which purpose is drawing attention to professions of timber industry branch and increase in their prestige. An important task is also training of the highly qualified specialists demanded in modern labor market. It would be desirable to note that for years of existence of the Traktorodetel company three graduates of the Vologda state molochnokhozyaystvenny academy who continue to give professional technical support to the timber industry enterprises of the Vologda region also now have joined number of employees of division of customer service”, – Denis Ladyev, the Regional director of the Vologda region of Traktorodetal has reported.

The Traktorodel company and John Deere with pleasure cooperate with educational institutions as understand that they opening of specialized educational classes are investments not only in today’s, but also in tomorrow. Creation of educational classes of narrow orientation not only levels sharp requirement of the LPK enterprises for young specialists, but also allows to train qualified specialists who understand the principles of work with the difficult logging technique and are able to work at real objects already right after the termination of educational institution.