JCB Tank

JCB has released the first tank

The British company JCB known in the market of construction and agricultural machinery, makes as well special equipment (on the basis of loaders and excavators) and for military application. Now, as became known, engineers of the company have assembled the first tank.

The remark 30-tonny of the Mark IV car of times of World War I created for shootings of the documentary of Channel 4 “One tank” became this tank –.

The TV host and the author of the One Tank project have asked engineers of the company for the help in creation of the car. On reproduction “from scratch” of the 30-ton tank 5 months have been allotted. It was during this time necessary to recreate drawings, and, actually, to embody model “in iron”.

The design engineer Tom Beamish has told: “We used modern technologies for restoration of the car, but the biggest problem was in forcing the tank to look as if it has just descended from the factory line during war. All welding works were performed on a reverse side of steel plates therefore they aren’t visible outside, but we used specifications in accuracy such what they were then. We have even kept all distances between rollers and paths, as in the original”.

After the festive events in France, the tank remark will return to Great Britain and will remain in the museum Norfolk where will become the central element of the exposition devoted to World War I.